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NEW DELHI: An additional guardian from Kerala has moved the Supreme Court searching for a probe by the Countrywide Investigation Agency (NIA) into her daughter’s alleged conversion to Islam through ‘love jihad’ and staying lured into joining jihad for the dreaded Islamic Condition in Afghanistan.

The NIA, in the meantime, submitted a sealed deal with report to the SC on the pattern emerging from conversion of a number of younger Hindu ladies to Islam and how a number of folks experienced played a typical position in convincing these ladies to modify their faith. The SC experienced questioned the NIA to probe the ‘love jihad’ angle just after the circumstance relating to marriage of a further girl, Hadiya, to Shafin Jahan was challenged by her father.

The Kerala HC experienced annulled the marriage and entrusted Hadiya’s custody to her mom and dad. A bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra, scheduled to hear the Hadiya-Shafin circumstance on Monday, experienced questioned the HC’s jurisdiction to annul a marriage as Shafin experienced challenged the selection .

In the fresh new petition, Bindu Sampath built a passionate plea through advocate Aishwarya Bhati declaring that her daughter experienced fallen sufferer to “the pernicious phenomenon of like jihad which has wreaked havoc in the life of a lot of younger hapless ladies and their family members”.

“The petitioner is from a easy god-fearing and patriotic loved ones. She has two children and her son is a serving officer in the Indian Army. Her daughter was learning in a dental school when she fell sufferer to sinister radical Islamic designs,” Bhati claimed. Sampath’s petition is not listed for hearing on Monday just before the bench headed by the CJI.

The mother’s narration, if real, depicts a pitiable tale. “Nimisha, petitioner’s daughter, was lured into a relationship, abused, impregnated, compelled to abort, transformed to Islam and finally abandoned by just one Sajjad Rehman, all this when she was learning in school. In her (daughter’s) vulnerable state, she was coerced into marriage by just one Isa alias Baxen, who experienced himself transformed to Islam from Christianity,” Sampath claimed.

“Inspite of the petitioner’s being familiar with mind-set to her daughter’s interfaith marriage, based on feigned like and her so named ‘free will’, Nimisha was coerced into leaving the nation and joining jihad on a untrue pretext. She is now considered to be in an IS camp in Khorasan province of Afghanistan,” the mom claimed .

“It is not a circumstance of isolated instance of entrapment and exploitation but just one involving a inspired scheme of operation as a substantially much larger scale. Terrorist organisations like the IS are operating a nicely-orchestrated and nicely-oiled scheme to fulfil their devious designs on the nation,” Sampath claimed.

“Younger, impressionable and vulnerable ladies and boys professing Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity are determined for conversion to Islam with the eventual motive to recruit them for practising or propagating jihad. Targeted younger ladies are coerced into sham marriages and abused bodily, mentally and psychologically. Societal hostility to inter-faith marriages additional isolate these troubled ladies, leaving them with no alternative but to do what they are instructed by the Islamic radicals. The ladies are then indoctrinated to consider part in jihad,” the petitioner claimed and sought a thorough probe by the NIA into the prevailing condition in the nation, specially Kerala.


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